Approximately 870,000 families in the city go hungry as a result of economic down times, underemployment, and unemployment. Bread of Life, Inc., is a Houston-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing solutions to address homelessness through sustaining, equipping, and transforming the forgotten – with compassion.

Pastors Rudy and Juanita Rasmus formed Bread of Life, Inc. in response to the hunger they witnessed among the poor and homeless in Houston. What began as the distribution of meals from the trunk of a car has continued to grow exponentially to transform the lives of thousands of homeless men and women in Houston. Twenty-two years later, Bread of Life, Inc is the premier homelessness service provider in the city of Houston, serving breakfast to over thousands of homeless men and women each Saturday morning. Through its Community-Wide Food Fair and Senior Supplemental Food program Bread of Life distributes over 18 tons of fresh food each week in two locations.

Bread of Life’s commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty by improving lives in a holistic way is evidenced by the variety of programs they offer that promote economic self-sufficiency and sustainable life skills.

Some of these programs include:
– The Art Project, Houston
– Free HIV/AIDS testing
– Job Development & Placement
– Medical Triage Services Free of Charge
– Drug and Alcohol Counseling
– Recovery Groups
– Case Management
– Book Club
– Life Skills Training
– Women’s Group

Distributing 18 tons of fresh food (in collaboration with Houston Food Bank) at two locations:

(1703 Gray Street) on Wednesdays from 7AM to 11 AM
Northwest campus

(8787 North Houston Roslyn Road) on Thursday from 11AM to 1PM.

The Art Project
TAPH a therapeutic art and empowerment program of the Bread of Life, Inc. facilitating the healing and transition of homeless men and women of Houston, Texas through the discovery of the creative self.

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